What personal data do you use?

We require only your height, gender and two photos - one from the front and one from the side - in tight clothing. The photos are neither viewed by anyone nor saved anywhere and are instantly deleted from our servers after processing.
In order for you to share your measurements with merchants and employ their services, we ask you for basic contact information such as name, phone number, and email. We may also gather other data such as geographical location in order to display relevant local results.

Should my customers worry about their photos?

No, the photos are neihter viewed by anyone nor saved anywhere and are instantly deleted from our servers after processing.

What should the customer wear to take photos?

For accurate results, you should wear tight fitting clothing such as skintight leggings, yoga pants, bicycling shorts, or fitted tops.

How can we access the Lyfsize Merchant services?

To access the Lyfsize Merchant App, all you need to do is download it from Google Play, list yourself as a merchant, and enroll in the subscription program. You will then be able to get measurements from your customers directly within the app.

What measurements can we get with your technology?

1. Height
2. Full Back Length
3. Neck / Collar
4. Across Shoulder
5. Half Shoulder (Right)
6. Half Shoulder (Left)
7. Armhole
8. Scye depth
9. Right Sleeve
10. Left Sleeve
11. Right Sleeve with Half Shoulder
12. Left Sleeve with Half Shoulder
13. Upper Arm
14. Elbow Girth
15. Wrist Girth
16. Chest Width
17. Upper Bust
18. Upper Back Width
19. Chest / Bust Girth
20. Waist Girth
21. Mid Waist Trouser Circumference
22. High Waist Trouser Circumference
23. Low Waist Trouser Circumference
24. Front Jacket Length
25. Half Back
26. Hips Girth
27. Crotch
28. Thigh Girth
29. Knee Girth
30. Calf Girth
31. Ankle Girth
32. Trouser Inseam
33. High Waist Trouser Outseam
34. Mid Waist Trouser Outseam
35. Low Waist Trouser Outseam
36. Neck to Upper Hip
37. Bust to Waist
38. Waist to Ankle
39. Neck to Knee
40. Neck to Waist
41. Shoulder Slope
42. Stance Image
43. Waist to Hip Ratio
44. Relative Fat Mass (Waist to Height Ratio)
45. Body Fat Percentage

If you need additional measurements that are not listed, feel free to contact us at lyfszie@bigthinx.com.

How accurate are the Lyfsize measurements?

Lyfsize captures all the measurements that a tailor requires with over 95% accuracy which, in most cases, is more accurate than measurements taken by tailors themselves due to rounding of numbers and human error.

Can I use Lyfsize with both a smartphone and tablet?

Yes, the Lyfsize app is currently available on Android only for both smartphones and tablets. iOS release coming soon.

Will Lyfsize work with my smartphone?

Lyfsize will work on all Android smartphones running Android OS 5 or later. For best results we recommend using an Android device with at least an 8MP camera. Make sure your WIFI and/or cellular connection is strong enough to allow uninterrupted data transfer. A 4G LTE or 3G data connection would be sufficient.
Note: If you don't own a compatible device, there's no need to fret. You can simply borrow a device from a friend or family member and use the app to get your measurements. Your measurements will be saved on our servers so you can always access them from another device at a later time just by logging into your account.

Where can I download the Lyfsize app?

For Android, you can download from the Google Play store.

What do I need before starting the measurements process?

A friend or family member who will take your pictures.
Tight clothing that fits your body snugly.
Long hair should be tied up into a bun.
For best results, stand in front of a blank wall for the pictures.
For best results, make sure to use a well lit space.

Simply position yourself as instructed in the app and have someone take two pictures of you as indicated. Our processing will take care of the rest and deliver your body measurements immediately.

Write to us @  lyfsize@bigthinx.com

© Lyfsize 2019 - All Rights Reserved

Write to us @  lyfsize@bigthinx.com
© Lyfsize 2019 - All Rights Reserved
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